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AStA distributes free FFP2 masks

Zuerst sollen die FFP2-Masken in den Wohnheimen verteilt werden.
[Foto: Julia Segantini]​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​08.03.2021 15:55 - Erik Körner

Since February 19th, wearing medical face masks is compulsory in stores and public transport. The AStA (General Student Committee) of the University Duisburg-Essen (UDE) wants to provide free FFP2 masks for students at the UDE.

Disclaimer: Although akduell is affiliated with the AStA, we are only reporting about the project. Students in dire need of surgical masks need to reach out directly to the AStA. Simply send an e-mail to

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During the past few weeks, UDE administration already provided face masks for students taking local exams. However, those were surgical masks, not FFP2 masks. Surgical masks primarily protect other people from an infection with coronavirus, since they block droplets released by speaking or coughing. They do, however, not provide any protection from aerosols – in contrast to FFP2 masks. Due to their superior protection, and because purchasing masks might pose yet another financial burden on students, the AStA wants to step in.

“Our current plan is to distribute FFP2 masks in the student dormitories in Duisburg, Mülheim, and Essen. Afterwards we also want to hand out masks to all students not currently living in dormitories”, says Aylin Kilic, head of AStA. Students can use their university e-mail address to get in contact with the AStA and will then receive their masks via mail. “We ordered 20,000 masks and intend to send out four masks to each interested student. If the demand exceeds our expectations, we can of course order more masks”, Kilic states. “We want to show our students that we will keep supporting them and that the pandemic will not stop us from doing so.”

The project has already begun and was funded by the student self-administration using budget from the cost center for projects and events.  

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